Case Study
Case Study

The concerns of running a business in
Thailand are wide-ranging.
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We have to report financial statements of our Thai subsidiary to our head office in Japan on a monthly basis.
What kind of support is available?
We provide bookkeeping service package or monthly review package as described on our services page.
Financial statements are prepared in English, but we also provide a service to add the account titles in Japanese.
Is it possible to expand into Thailand without understanding Thai tax laws or Thai language?
In Thailand, it is common for Japanese companies to hire Thai Japanese interpreters. However, not many Thai interpreters are familiar with tax and other laws.
Our stationed Japanese director is well versed in Thai language and Thai tax laws, so there is no language miscommunication.
I have heard that claiming a tax refund is difficult in Thailand, but is it true that the tax will not be returned?
If you claim a tax refund in Thailand, a tax investigation will be conducted. You can get a tax refund if approved by the tax investigation. However, tax examiners have strong authority, and there are cases that the amount of refund is reduced or additional taxes are imposed due to the examiners’ remarks.
We have a great deal of experience in tax refunds, so please consult with us when you are considering claiming a tax refund.
What is the transfer pricing taxation system in Thailand?
Companies with annual sales exceeding 200 million THB are subject to transfer pricing taxation, and a transfer pricing document describing the details of transactions with the head office or among the group must be prepared.
Many of our clients are also subject to transfer pricing, and we have prepared transfer pricing document on their behalf.
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